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“Konami Is Not Deleting Silent Hills Demo PT From Your PS4…”

Back in April, Konami removed PT from the PlayStation Store just before officially cancelling Silent Hills. Similar scares about what would happen to already downloaded copies of PT began popping up around then, but rest assured, your beloved PT is safe for now. What Konami is doing, however, is removing Hideo Kojima’s name from Metal […]
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From the “We’ll Believe it When We See It” News Desk: Silent Hills Rumored to Come to Xbox One

“According to Rooster Teeth’s source, Silent Hills is 80% complete, and Microsoft is trying to purchase the property for “billions” of dollars by E3 this year – where it will officially reveal the game as an Xbox One exclusive. It could reportedly be released as soon as March 2016.” Source: Silent Hills Rumored to Come […]
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“As of this week, P.T. is essentially the first rare, collectible digital video game…”

“The weird irony is that, had P.T. simply remained available, the number of people who are interested in playing it likely would’ve stayed roughly same as the number of people who have it already. But that’s not what happened; instead, Konami introduced scarcity to the equation, and instantly made P.T. one of the coolest, most […]