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The Impacts of Interactive Storytelling: A Case Study of Jupiter Ascending

The fantastical elements in Jupiter Ascending present as bricolage. Such variables also act to illustrate just how such a movie might reshape established indicators of what makes a film great (or even watchable). Instead of free-falling into harsh reviewing mode, maybe audiences could instead learn that such fantastical elements are ripe for what I term […]
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Pluto Gameworld

Watch “Playing As A Female Character” [+ Added Bonus Pluto Reflections]

Watching this insightful #PAXAus2014 yak-session that focused on gender disparities in games [and game development] has prompted the following brief reflection on Pluto, our in-production transmedia project co-produced with Dreaming Methods. What stuck in my noggin when watching the above was the section where these switched-on PAX panelists discuss just how – when given a […]