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Cake - #Plutogame Inspiration

#Plutogame Relevant: Shabazz Palaces – #CAKE [NSFW]

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...and so it begins...

“…we stretch your ID skins, in here.”

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A Frissonic Monday MBD Update: Who’dathunkit?

So now that you’re getting used to a MBD update mid-week….SURPRISE! Let’s mix-it-up-a-tad and slot one into the Monday mix [this could be the last for a while, as that workaholic mode is gonna be revved up high for the foreseeable future – so let’s go at it full pelt, shall we?]: Locking in the […]
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MBD Mid-Week Update: Happenings + Shenanigans

So here we are again having made it past hump-day, and I’m in the mood for another MBD update – just don’t get rampantly addicted to these, as they depend entirely on whether I’m trapped in a workaholic timesink [I’m currently in such, but I’m also in lovely warm denial]. Let’s whiz through this week’s […]
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#PRISOM Ingame Poster

This Week at MBD: Digital Fictions, Peer-Reviewing, Publications + Reviews

Alright, so this week – although only being officially half-over – has contained some absolute gems in the rampant-excitement-department: let’s quickly cycle through em, shall we? #PRISOM has been delightfully analysed in “Thinking Through Digital Media”, a book that: “…offers a means of conceptualizing digital media by looking at projects that think through digital media, […]