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VR Showdown: Oculus Rift Vs Valve Vive

“Some virtual reality fans are simply happy to see healthy competition in an emerging industry. If they can afford it, these fans will likely purchase both the Oculus Rift and Valve’s HTC Vive, which allows them to enjoy the first big virtual reality headset to market and then dive into the Oculus Rift when it […]
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“Steam’s Greenlight process is so broken games are now flooding the market just for fun…”

“There’s been a growing chorus of complaints about the Steam Greenlight process for a while, with critics, gamers and developers complaining that Valve’s hands-off approach has resulted in a complete over-saturation of the market. It’s resulted in some offensively bad titles getting through, but in some cases the games are just straight out offensive.” Source: […]
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“The Steam Market Just Went Through A Short, Crazy Meltdown…”

“Last night, the Steam Community Market suddenly started valuing items at exactly the same rate in Indonesian rupiahs and U.S. dollars, meaning that an item that cost $1 also cost a single Rupiah. Normally, a dollar is worth 13,000 rupiahs. Ruh roh.” Source: The Steam Market Just Went Through A Short, Crazy Meltdown
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Mod Removal

Steam Removes Paid Mods Feature

Well, that didn’t take long: “We’re going to remove the payment feature from the Skyrim workshop. For anyone who spent money on a mod, we’ll be refunding you the complete amount. We talked to the team at Bethesda and they agree. We’ve done this because it’s clear we didn’t understand exactly what we were doing. […]