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All Buzzy on the MBD Update Front

Firstly, I need to offer a sincere and abject apology for bastardising adapting the phrase All Quiet On the Western Front for the title above, but given the contents of this better-late-then-never-catchup on all things MBDish, it certainly fits. Second up, this: PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO […]
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Launch of The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

Very happy to have “The Dead Tower” included in this supercool collection. Announcing the publication of the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3, which launched today at an event at the Stedman Art Gallery at Rutgers University, Camden. This third volume features 114 works from 26 countries in 13 languages. The latest collection, drawn from over […]
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#PRISOM Help Screen

System Disruption In ‘Anti-Game’ Worlds

“It is…possible for authors to engage with gameplay through the creation of multimedia game worlds that combine textual experimentation with interactive principles of computer games…The signifying systems by which commercial games make meaning and shape player behaviour are disrupted within these ‘anti-game’ worlds: in The Dead Tower, geographical terrain is mixed with hovering textual artifacts […]
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#PRISOM Ingame Poster

This Week at MBD: Digital Fictions, Peer-Reviewing, Publications + Reviews

Alright, so this week – although only being officially half-over – has contained some absolute gems in the rampant-excitement-department: let’s quickly cycle through em, shall we? #PRISOM has been delightfully analysed in “Thinking Through Digital Media”, a book that: “…offers a means of conceptualizing digital media by looking at projects that think through digital media, […]