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“Alien Day” is here! WOOT!

Register to be a part of #AlienDay426. Source: #AlienDay426
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The Toys of The Blair Witch Project

[This prompted a remembrance of reviewing “The Blair Witch Project” book + website components in my editor’s office in 1999, right before I scurried off to the film’s premiere midnight screening: the “mocumentary” aspect of the project resonated hard and helped shape my orientation to what is now known as transmedia. Back then I thought […]
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Confessions of a Transmedia Pundit — Andrea Phillips

Transmedia is not your magic bullet; you can use every technique in the toolbox and still make a project nobody ever looks at or cares about…transmedia isn’t synonymous with innovative or interesting, nor is it a replacement for a traditional marketing plan…When something isn’t working for you, when you find yourself walking down a path […]
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From ‘Inanimate Alice’ to ‘The Fantastic Flying Books’: How Transmedia and Digital Books Are Transforming School Libraries

What is a book, anyway? If players of the brooding computer game Dear Esther can consume a full-blown ghost story simply by wandering at will through a deserted island in Scotland’s Hebrides (finding fragments of letters, music, and clues as they walk), shouldn’t that be called a book? Critics can’t seem to agree on a […]
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Pluto Evolution

New Free Pluto Development Journal Available Now

Andy and I have bitten the documentation bullet and started a Pluto Development Journal here. So far we’ve covered: Delicate Development – Building Pluto Pluto Flyby [a Pluto gameworld flythrough]: #PlutoGame Evolution Snippets Pluto and the Distortion of Time [which almost sounds like the title of a Doctor Who Episode, huh.] Expect much more over […]