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Pluto Gameworld: Screengrab 3

“The Good and the Bad of Escaping to Virtual Reality…”

‘As with all things, virtual reality can be taken to unhealthy extremes, and the idea of such a drastic shift—one that may entirely redefine social needs—may cause unease. But amid all the warnings, for many bored and lonely souls, the promise of a virtual escape is not unsettling, but exciting. For any who have longed […]
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Bringing The Dead Back Using Virtual Reality

‘The very notion of virtual reanimation seems fraught, to say the least. While literature and film have explored the horrific side of life-after-death misadventures, modern attempts to revisit the departed seem destined to end, simply, in more heartache. The creators of Project Elysium are careful to keep their proposal grounded in reality, and in helping […]
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Credit: The Verge

Jaunt Announces A New Virtual Reality Studio

‘Jaunt has been racking up content partnerships in recent months, announcing a deal with Revolt to create music-oriented experiences and another with Conde Nast for a serialized VR show. The latter concept — telling stories in short chunks over a period of time — is one way in which Jaunt plans to get over the […]