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So. About us, eh?

How about we give you a big fat blurb outlining how one of our Project Portfolios sits pretty in the art collection of the World Bank? Or regale you with (true) tales about how, in 2010, Hollywood Director Tim Burton judged one of our digital illustrations prize-worthy? Instead, maybe we could bang on about how our co-produced transmedia project “Pluto” was just shortlisted for the 2014 BBC Writersroom/The Space Prize for Digital Innovation…

…or not.

Perhaps we should bombard you with facts about how Mez Breeze – our Creative Director – has been labelled “…brain-warpingly clever“, a polymath, and a modern-day James Joyce. Or tell you all about how, in 2001, Mez completed the first Australian Digital Writing/New Media Residency at Wollongong City Gallery. Or better yet, let’s wax lyrical about how, as of May 2014, Mez is the only Aussie Interactive Writer housing their comprehensive career archive at Duke University (see: it gets tiresome pretty quick, huh).

Instead, have a look around. Drink in the atmosphere. Look at the quality of our work. Then, let’s talk.


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Illustration. Communication design. Logos (wordmark + iconic, and combinations of both). General use graphics + imagery. Infographics. User experience design. Glitch visuals. Concept art. Retouching. Storyboarding. Web + game design. Book covers (both ebooks + dead-tree). Transmedia design. Icons. Favicons. Gravatars. Yep, we do 'em all.

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Fiction (in all forms: stories are the core after all). Non-fiction (longform and shortform feature writing, reviews, editorials, blog posts, interviews, theory, investigative pieces + essays). Transmedia + cross-platform storytelling (including interactive longforms). Structural Editing. Copywriting and copyediting. App + game writing (indie, pervasive and AAA).

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Online writing (collaborative, networked, remote and live performance-based writing events). Multimedia + transmedia. Cross platform projects. Design fiction. Specialist pitches. Applied interactivity. Curation. Guest lecturing. Electronic + traditional literature. Responsive reality forms (augmented, mixed + virtual). Post-internet projects. Brand narratives.

testimonial micha About Us

Micha Cárdenas

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"Mez's thinking has inspired me to push to new depths of engagement with new forms of media such as microblogging and virtual presencing."

testimonial nancy About Us

Nancy Mauro-Flude

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"I gotta tell you all Mez Breeze Design has the most magnificent editing skills around."

testimonial rosie About Us

Rosie Cross

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"Mez Breeze is the best darn editor on the planet."

testimonial tim About Us

Tim Akers

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"If you need a book cover, I would happily recommend Mez. She's brilliant."

testimonial robert About Us

Robert Rice

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"It has been a tremendous pleasure and an enlightening experience working with Mez."

testimonial joel1 About Us

Joel Falconer

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"Every once in a while you'll find a gem who can reliably produce creative but factual, well-researched work that reads with personality and gravitas. Mez Breeze is one of these writers. She'll always deliver her best work and she'll always do it on time."

testimonial andrea About Us

Andrea Phillips

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"The phenomenal Mez Breeze interviewed me on the topic of games addiction...her questions were incredibly thought-provoking."

testimonial markm About Us

Mark Marino

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"I've never encountered anyone with the unique joy and delight in language as @netwurker [from] @MezBreezeDesign."

testimonial selena About Us

Selena Hanet-Hutchins

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"...Mez Breeze experimented with temporality and structure, with interactivity and interface, and honoured the reader’s role in making [a] story."

testimonial lucy About Us

Lucy Alexander

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"An emergency elevator pitch consult with Mez turned the ideas I'd been working with on their heads, and re-energised the way the piece was functioning so that I fell in love with what I was trying to do all over again. Quick, concise and thoughtful."

amirouche boubekki About Us

Amirouche Boubekki

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"...you might want to finish the day with candy tailored by @MezBreezeDesign."

testimonial louis About Us

Louis Lapprend

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"Mez is a joy to work with. Mez Breeze Design are fast, efficient and original."

testimonial mette About Us

Mette Jacobsgaard

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"We love the Logo.Thank you so much for your prompt replies, your flexibility and continued offer of assistance. It has been a joy and very easy to work with you."

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