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Norway Bank Notes

Radar Hits: Norway Bank Notes, Game Jobs & “Plugsahoy”

Today we start our “Radar Hits” posts containing so much gamery, interactive and story link goodness that you just won’t want to look away. Ever. Or at least for the current duration of your internet-shattered attention spans [and ever after, seriously (not)]:

  • Norway are currently deciding on new bank notes, and they are bootiful. Not only are the designs under consideration extremely well-crafted eyecandy currency, even the rejected designs are gorgeous:

Rejected Bank Note Designs

  • Looking for work? Then look no further – have a scope o’ this Interactive Media & Game Development Program’s “Serious Games” Position at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts. And feast your beady little myopically-burdened-from-way-too-much-screen-time eyes on this, a Narrative Game Designer Opp at TinyCo in San Francisco.
  • Plugsahoy time! Look away *now* if you’re sensitive to anything even vaguely self-promo-ish or of the self-plugging variety, cos here’s a link to the Australian Writers’ Guild taking it up a notch in a series of Gamer Writers spilling about – you guessed it – writing for games. And guess what? Not only is the fabulous Anne Toole featured [who wrote for the Emmy-winning webseries “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries“], but there’s also a fair blurb from yours truly.

AWG Interview

The article opens with this lovely intro: “For those of you considering what writing for a video game would be like, it might be best to hear from people who actually do it for a living. This first instalment will look at two different, experienced game writers from different backgrounds on how they believe writing for the video game medium is fundamentally different from film or television. However, as our guest contributors will explain, writing for games is merely the other side of the coin, with different obstacles to work around but with different tools to work with.”

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