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Image by Sean O'Kane /The Verge

Meet B15, A HoloLens-Dependent Telepresence Robot

“…a short demo near the end of today’s Microsoft Build 2015 keynote showed us a little bit more about how HoloLens can help blend virtual reality with the real world to create what the company calls “mixed reality.” A small metal robot drove on stage, and the presenter used HoloLens to make a cute robotic avatar float above it. What was, just moments before, an inhuman hodgepodge of metal and plastic now had a much more familiar and anthropomorphic form.

With the 3D-mapping capabilities of HoloLens, the robot was able to navigate the stage, plot a course to move around, and even adjust that course when Alex Kipman stepped in its way. Think of it as a Roomba, only much, much cooler.”

Source: Microsoft Demos Hololens-Augmented Telepresence Robot with Augmented Reality + Story and images by Sean O’Kane / The Verge