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Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production | London Film School

[Image Credits: London Film School]

“Are you a Writer, Producer or Director working in television, film, advertising or gaming? Are you keen to connect with audiences? Do you want to take your work to the next level, whilst identifying fresh approaches to distribution and rollout?

This new 2-day workshop is led by internationally renowned story, crossmedia consultant Alison Norrington… Its aim is to introduce you to the exciting possibilities that a digital strategy and experience design could bring to your projects…

So what is transmedia storytelling? And why is it important? Behaviours around shows such as DOCTOR WHO, MISFITS and LOST have proven that audiences have a fundamental desire to be in sync with each other. HOUSE OF CARDS, BREAKING BAD and TRANSPARENT – these are all examples of shows that have allowed networks, studios and filmmakers to witness the emergence of new kinds of audience behaviour, both on and offline – binge viewing, pledge viewing, reality show event-style shows, amongst others.There is a clear hunger for long-term serialized content; content that creates a deep sense of immersion and serves audiences hungry for a relationship with a story and its characters.Transmedia was born from an approach to telling stories in the digital age, across a strategic series of platforms with each platform adding a fresh dimension to the story and not simply repurposed content. It’s an effective way to engage audiences into a narrative, but when coupled with serialized storytelling, proves to be an extremely effective means to creating an immersive experience.”

Source: Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production | London Film School