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The Myth of the Average Gamer: “Your target audience doesn’t exist…”

[Image Credits: Sergey Galyonkin]

[Image Credits: Sergey Galyonkin]

One of the common misconceptions caused by publicly available research is the perceived popularity of certain game genres.

People unfamiliar with how games work, but familiar with marketing research in other industries assume that MOBA is like “cola-flavored soft drink” and MMORPG is “ions-enriched sports drink”.

When marketing research is talking about MOBA popularity and MMORPG decline they automatically assume it should work like in other industries — people switching from Gatorade to Coca-Cola, while there is plenty of space for smaller imitators and local brands….

But games, especially big ones, aren’t consumer products. I’d go as far as to say that each multiplayer game is a cultural self-reinforcing phenomenon, relying on its perceived popularity more than on its market share. It’s not enough to just offer a superior product with better marketing and brand recognition to convince people to switch from League of Legends to, say, Infinite Crisis. Yes, the latter has DC characters, TV series, comic books and even some movies. But the former was here first and didn’t just create the market — it is the market.

Source: Your target audience doesn’t exist — Steam Spy — Medium