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An Ancient Tomb, a Scary Maze and a Ballet: “Real Virtuality”


Last Friday, some folks from the education and visualization sections of the California Academy of Sciences got to play with some neat virtual reality prototypes at the offices of Swissnex San Francisco. Entitled “Real Virtuality,” this interactive exhibit focused on three VR simulations created by the Geneva-based foundation Artanim. As someone who has been following virtual reality simulations for many years, it was neat seeing where the field is at.We experienced three different simulations: “Walking through a Pharoah’s tomb,”Prepare to be aMazed!”, and “a ballet from the inside.” To experience the simulations, you and a partner strap on an Occulus rift VR viewer, a light backpack, and two pairs of sensors strapped to your hands and feet. The simulations took place in a small, empty room, with one pillar and a couple of cardboard boxes.

Source: An Ancient Tomb, a Scary Maze and a Ballet: Playing with “Real Virtuality” at SwissNex SF! – Ranger Rik