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UN|COMMONS: The Fight For Common Wealth

Water and food, data and networks, medicine and cultural assets: Who owns these resources? Who ought to? Who has access and whose access is denied? What is the value of these resources and how might they help or hinder us in overcoming the various crises of our times? Do we need rules, guidelines and agreements to govern use and access, and if so, what sort? The Berliner Gazette and the Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg Platz invite you to discuss these urgent issues at the UN|COMMONS conference. The three-day event will focus on those resources that are being privatised or made inaccessible, but which could become common property in the future – commons that are as yet uncommon. In short: UN|COMMONS that challenge us, the people, to make a collective effort towards democratic and sustainable forms of human togetherness.

Source: UN|COMMONS | The Fight For Common Wealth | October 22-24 | Workshops, Talks, Performances + Cooking | Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg Platz | Berlin