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MoneyLab: Economies of Dissent | Conference

The Institute of Network Cultures presents MONEYLAB#2: ECONOMIES OF DISSENT – an international symposium hosting artists, activists, programmers and academics that probe, challenge and hack today’s global economy.What political imperatives shape the economy of dissent? What different views on the redistribution of wealth and the exchange of value are out there? How can we re-design our financial infrastructures?The important first steps are being taken beyond moral outrage and towards systemic interventions in the global austerity economy. We witness an impressive amount of financial counter-concepts, works of art, digital currencies, tools and hacks giving shape to an emerging economy of dissent. This economy operates across borders, on different scales, from sole acts of defiance to a sovereign ‘oxi’, and is expressed variously as: strategy, circumvention, innovation, visualization, and making-do.Two days of talks, performances, and workshops provide a stage for a variety of financial interventions such as visualizations of shadow economies, a guidebook how to extort money from banks, Robin Hood-style financial hacks, peer-to-peer insurance companies, financial leak platforms, and blockchain initiatives for the commons.

Source: MoneyLab: Economies of Dissent | Conference