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“That Idiotic Bogost Article” vs EMPAWER SC

So after finding myself immersed in the bowels of a “grrrRRRish”-reactive reply to *that* snort-inducing “Video Games are Better Without Stories” text [ie “That idiotic Bogost article” as one of my mates recently labelled it], then ultimately deciding [in the absence of any mention in said article regarding nuanced interplay in games involving prescriptive (aka manifest) + implied (aka latent) narrative combining to create emergent stories] that my time was much better spent watching megacute canine videos [as really, intellectualised clickbait articles are just – in the end – clickbait], in the next click cycle I just happened across the following video via the champion of all-things-digital/DH/teachery, Mark Marino:

The official YT description that accompanies this lovely video reads:

“Empawer SC aims to establish a positive and nurturing environment for survivors of violence by pairing them with a canine friend. Let’s help those survivors of abuse feel empawered and reclaim their independence.”

And as Mark says on his Facebook page:

So this project began with the students, tasked with a community engagement project, deciding they wanted to help survivors of abuse by drawing on their own experience of being helped by interactions with animals, including therapy and rescued dogs. Our specific day of walking was meant to establish the connection between those in our community and the shelter, a walk of solidarity and empathy (empawthy?). The idea was that those who had been rescued could rescue us…Take a look, Like the page!

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…indeed do like the page and spend some time in wide-eyed [and potentially empathy-blubbering] wonder at this redonkulously wonderful endeavour [ie with today’s lesson being to spend far less grrrRRing at gamertroll-x-clickbait-articles, and more time social-good-absorbing/practicing/spruiking].