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“The Journey Home” + Forced Affectivity in VR

So I just finished playing through this Virtual Reality Experience for the Vive called “The Journey Home” [TJH] which has left me confuzzled emotionally. At first, the experience was hard to get into with a rushed intro containing similar-sounding voiceovers resulting in the main characters being confusingly difficult to distinguish. The scenes that followed weren’t […]
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Project Sansar: VR Successor to Second Life

While there’s no hard timeline for Project Sansar’s release, it’s supposed to be generally available by the end of the year. Linden Lab initially suggested we could see a beta around the Oculus Rift release, but that hasn’t panned out so far, although the Rift is available in small enough quantities that it’s a moot […]
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On Being a Data Puppet

And this shadow is necessary, as we needed a place to live, and things like gas, water and Internet services in the modern world. These don’t just get handed out to nonexistent people. I, and my family to lesser extent, had to take on new data forms to even be visible to the property market. […]
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Mezangelle as Post-Human Writing

“I think poets in particular play a really important role in drawing attention to the way these technologies are evolving…Mez Breeze is maybe the most recognizable Glitch Poetics artist that I mention, in that her way of writing is a composite of code language (so algorithms or a written piece of code) and a poem….They […]
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The Wash-up: National Novel-Generating Month

Last month nearly 200 entries turned up in a strange event on GitHub challenging programmers to write computer code that can generate 50,000-word novels. “The only rule is that you share at least one novel and also your source code at the end,” posted the event’s organizer, Darius Kazemi, who’s been staging “National Novel-Generating Month” […]