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Playable Cinematography

Playable Cinematography: Video Games and Visual Language

A video detailing how some games have managed to use their camera and lighting in clever ways to convey certain things to the player. Considering how much games ape films these days, the most they can do is try and copy how effectively movies can present images.
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Let the Kids Learn Through Play –

“Play is often perceived as immature behavior that doesn’t achieve anything,” says David Whitebread, a psychologist at Cambridge University who has studied the topic for decades. “But it’s essential to their development. They need to learn to persevere, to control attention, to control emotions. Kids learn these things through playing.” Source: Let the Kids Learn […]
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Cover of Repurposing in Electronic Literature/ Enter Magazine

“Repurposing in Electronic Literature” Publication Coming Soon

Amped about my imminent contributor copy arrival of Enter Mag’s “Repurposing in E-Lit” Edition: the mag is so beautifully designed. Was sincerely a blast dead-tree-format-reimagining our VR code poetry app #Carnivast in such a way. For those of you who can’t quite wait for a physical copy to hit the shelves, here’s a taste of […]
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The Impacts of Interactive Storytelling: A Case Study of Jupiter Ascending

The fantastical elements in Jupiter Ascending present as bricolage. Such variables also act to illustrate just how such a movie might reshape established indicators of what makes a film great (or even watchable). Instead of free-falling into harsh reviewing mode, maybe audiences could instead learn that such fantastical elements are ripe for what I term […]
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Online Journal Hz: Call for Articles

Online journal Hz ( is looking for articles on New Media, Sound Art, Electro-Acoustic Music, Virtual Worlds, and Social Media. We accept earlier published and unpublished articles in English. Please send your submissions Source: Rhizome | Announce: Call for Articles