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QWC | Screen Narratives: Writing for Games

Writing for games isn’t the same as other forms of writing; you need to develop several pathways through a story and create scenarios and characters that encourage interaction. And all this needs to be set within a detailed and immersive story worlds.Games writing requires extensive and on-going collaboration with a creative team. Learn how to […]
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What Game Writers can Learn from Mad Max: Fury Road | Shindig

[Interesting + relevant: when planning our currently-in-development Transmedia/Virtual Reality Project Pluto, the issue of what is shown as opposed to what isn’t = a mammoth deal…] “Fury Road offers a roadmap to a more holistic kind of narrative, one where cutscenes aren’t needed because instead the focus is on showing a story instead of telling […]
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Feedback O’ The Day: Pluto

…so here I am innocently dancing away in my studio chair to this track while craft-carving away at our “Provocare” Digital Fiction, and I’ve just received some amazing feedback about our Dreaming Methods co-produced project “Pluto” – an Aussie Technical Writer was so impressed with what he’d seen of the project he’s been inspired to […]
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Human Design

“Humane Design – Games Must Be Good to Their Players”

After making the shortlist in the “Games Development” Category of the 2015 MCV Pacific Women In Games List which profiles the: “…most influential women across all facets of the Australian and New Zealand Games Industries”, this crucial idea of Humane Design rings even more stridently in my game-creatorish ears: “Games do not dictate our behavior, […]
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The 2014 New Media Writing Prize Winners Announced

So it’s time: we are frissonically happy to announce the winners of the 2014 New Media Writing Prize. +Main Prize Winner: “PRY” by Tender Claws/Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro. +Main Prize Runner-Up: “We Are Angry” by Lyndee Prickitt. +Student Prize Winner: “A Dream Within A Dream” by Herm Holland. +People’s Choice Prize: “nothing you have […]