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Open Book Challenge to Replace Facebook

We are looking to fund seven purpose-driven teams that want to build a billion-user social network to replace Facebook — while protecting consumer privacy. We want to invest in replacements that don’t manipulate people and that protect our democracy from bad actors looking to spread misinformation. Source: Open Book Challenge
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A Game of You – Disruption Network Lab

“A GAME OF YOU: Into the Social Media Vortex” is the third event of the Disruption Network Lab…#GamerGate, Technovikings & Smart Media as a Psychedelic Webcomic – survival in the wild torrents of our digital lives with: Gabriel S Moses (sequential artist and graphic novelist, IL/DE), Zoe Quinn (video game developer and artist, Crash Override […]
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Google+ Collections Is A-Go [For Some]

“It seems that while Google hasn’t actually released the official announcement yet (it’s expected this morning), the Collections feature we’ve heard so much about in recent days now appears to be going live for some users.” Source: Google+ Collections Feature Begins Its Rollout
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Killing Time

“The toxicity and empathy of social media, in videogame form”

“Killing Time at Lightspeed presents a take on social media that we don’t see often: as both a stage for educational self-expression and a window into the lives of others. Those who use social media are both (inadvertently or otherwise) watchers and performers; the nature of these applications forces users to fulfill these roles. This […]