Don’t Imagine – An Interactive Microfiction


“Don’t Imagine” consists of a microfiction housed in a storybox that can be experienced in 3D via a WebVR enabled mobile device, desktop PC and/or in Virtual Reality device. The work is an example of an ambient drama, a poetic musing on how to reconceptualise our relationship with endangered species (in this case Carpenter Bees) through positive action. The digital artist and writer Mez Breeze is the author and creator [including development + design, model + concept creation, and spatial audio integration].


Press the white arrow in the middle of the storybox below to begin. After clicking on the white arrow, please test the “click and hold to rotate” function to see how the story is designed to be experienced in 3D and/or VR, then click on the “Select an annotation” bar at the bottom of the storybox, or on either of the smaller arrows on each side of the storybox if viewing vertically on a mobile, and click on the arrows to read. If you need help with the controls, please click the “?” located at the bottom right – you’ll find other controls here like too “View in VR”, “Theatre Mode”, “FullScreen”, “Volume” etc. You also have the option of a static playthrough of the story by clicking on the annotation bar and selecting “Start Autopilot”, or if you’d prefer just to experience the work without the text, “Hide Annotations”.

Don’t Imagine